Another World Class V Caddy Series The 2016 ATS Cadillac Coupe

Cadillac GM’s once “Standard of The World’ Has seen a transforming 40 years. If you think Cadillac for 1975 you might remember the Euro influence Seville, The Big Personal Luxury Coupe the Eldorado and a whole lot of Fleetwood’s, plus Coupe and Sedan De Ville Models.

Caddy has done a good job of reinventing itself especially since 2000. The” Living room on wheels”, plush luxury isolation riding rigs of the 1970’s has been replaced by world class product.

This week’s test drive is my first experience with the global ATS platform BMW 3 series fighter the ATS. I am very lucky because it is my favorite version Coupe, V Series with an automatic gear box

I am being waiting a long time and have heard accolades from journalist colleagues and for the most part they are right. I recently sampled the larger but same platform CTS-V which I totally LOVED.

The V Series products have gotten better and better and the ATS V does not disappointment. Unlike most these days I enjoy coupes. With the CTS V coupe gone this is your only V series coupe in the Cadillac lineup. My test car painted in a vibrant red and equipped with optimal magnificent carbon fiber pieces was looker all the way. I was parked in Walmart and a women selling on site windshield glass repair came over and said “that is beautiful”. I informed her that I was an automotive journalist and was testing it for the week. She replied I think you should buy it From a base of $63,600 my loaded carbon fiber aero beauty climbed into the low $80K range.

The ATS-V’s interior is similar to that of the standard model, but loaded with features. 2016 ATSV interior Sedans seat five passengers, while the coupes seat four (rear-seat legroom is tight in both). Cadillac’s smallest performance car also boasts niceties such as a power-adjustable steering wheel and an 8-inch CUE command screen. some other systems out there. Rear visibility, especially in the coupe, is compromised from the ATS-V’s sloping roof; we suggest ordering yours with blind-spot monitoring. The all-new ATS-V is noticeably more muscular and sportier than the already-svelte ATS sedan and coupe. To achieve a 50/50 weight balance, the ATS-V’s hood is made from pricey but lightweight carbon fiber. Also prominent is an air extractor to help dissipate heat from the engine bay. Aerodynamic bits such as a front splitter, side body panels and rear spoiler help keep the car planted at high velocities and distinguish it from the standard ATS-V. Rounding out every ATS-V are quad tailpipe outlets and 18-inch forged aluminum wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport specifically made for this model.

The ATS-V comes well-equipped in sedan or coupe form with a Bose premium audio system, wireless phone-charging dock, embedded Wi-Fi with 4G LTE and GM’s OnStar connectivity system, dual-zone climate control, rearview camera with front and rear parking sensors, and carbon-fiber interior trim. Standard performance enhancements include a magnetic ride-control suspension, Brembo brakes, and a 5-mode traction-management system with launch control for the best possible off-the-line acceleration. My test ATS V had the great an 8-speed automatic transmission with magnesium paddle shifters and remote vehicle start, navigation system, split-folding rear seats for extra cargo space and a color head-up display. Safety features include alerts for blind zones and inadvertent lane departure, and forward-collision alert. The Absolutely wonderful optional Recaro front seats with 16-way adjustment are worth every penny.

Under the Hood is Caddy first ever 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6 that also does duty in the CTS VSport. However, it produces more power: 464 ponies and 445 lb-ft of torque. Fuel economy with the automatic is rated at 16 city and 24 highway.

The twin turbo spools very fast and will rocket the couple to 60 in the mid three second range. I took the ATS-V Coupe to a track where it cruised effortlessly at speeds above 100 MPH. The is the first series BMW 3-4 Series and Mercedes /C63 fighter from a domestic maker.

Around town driving hard in either Touring or Sport Driving modes the ATS-V can get “lose” a little too fast. Take that from an arrested adolescent who during my Motor Tend Days attended professional driving school and drove Million dollar plus Supercars The 640HP V-8 LT4 power plant in CTS-V did not give me any concerns in this area. Again this is will all electric aids engaged. Perhaps GM engineers in an attempt to woe the conquest performance European buyer left a little more play in the ATS V Chassis than they did in CTS V. And of course the ATS V has close to 200 less horsepower. A word of advice, please do not floor the ZTS-V it at the wrong place at the wrong time and keep all electronic driving assistance helpers on at all times.

I have tried and tried to understand, enjoy and like not unlike what I did with Ford’s now gone My Touch to give it break, but I can’t take the CUE infotainment system anymore.

If could make the call…. Caddy Engineers let’s roll out an all new system. True story. I know a multi-million-dollar successful business owner who likes American branded cars. So I told him about the CTS V and ATS V saying forget the 200K AMG he should consider looking at them. God knows this guy is rock star wealthy, after my raves on the CTS V and ATS V he was more than interested. However, after a few recent Caddy rentals he hates the Cue system. This is sale lost and its shame. The Cue System continues to improve but Cadillac needs to add some redundant nobs at minimum. It’s a shame that the Cue system could be costing the brand umber wealthy buyers and bad PR.

Personally I love V8’s (get them while you can before the US government pushes them out the door to meet the crazy in opinion fuel economy standards) upcoming. So I will take the CTS-V, LOVE that LT4 engine note however I wish it was offered in coupe form.

The ATS-V is in a word great. The Recaro seats, the Carbon fiber form treatment and the overall feel and driving experience. Handling, braking and power delivery are first class

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  • 3.6-liter twin-turbo V6


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