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Here are few of the guests that have appeared from 1999-Present. 

Adam Carolla Comedian, Author Host of Car Cast
Bill Goldberg Car Guy, TV Host, Ex Pro wrestler and Football Player
Rich Christensen Host/Creator Pinks on Speed TV and many other TV shows
Jeff Bartlett Deputy Auto Editor Consumer Reports
Steven Cole Smith Car and Driver
Matt Stone editor Motor Trend Classic/Senior Editor Motor Trend/ TV Host Speed
Reilly Brennan Programming Director AOL Auto's
Jean Jennings Pressident/Editor In Chief Automobile Magazine
William Jeannes Legendary Journalist/AOL's Auto's Contributor
Ken Gross Journalist/Autor/Musuem curator/TV host
Phil Skinner Collector Car Market editor KBB
Mckeel Hagerty CEO Hagerty

Jared Martin, Royal Purple
Scooter Brothers/SEMA-Chair Elect
Rhys Millen/Hyundai-Rhys Millen Racing
Michael Sprague/Kia-Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Jim Farley/Ford-Group Vice President, Global Marketing
Beau Boeckman/Galpin Motors
John Hotchkis/Hotchkis Performance
Ken Czubay/Ford-Vice President, U.S. Marketing
Brett Proctor/Borg Warner, Director of North American Mktg.
Chris Kersting/SEMA-President & CEO
Dan Arcy/Shell Rothella-Product Marketing Manager
Dr. Bob Sutherland/Pennzoil-Technology Manager
Jeff Hsu/Quaker State-Manager of Technology
Brian Bolain/Lexus-National Marketing Manager
Cameron Evans/Red Line Oil-Director of Sales and Marketing
Rusty Waples & Ron Fausnight/Shell-Gumout
Ken Gross/Author, Journalist, Automotive media icon
Jonathan Klinger/Hagerty
Jim Campbell/Chevrolet-General Manager
Jay Kim/Tornado Air
Mike Kahn/Sony
Larry Edsal/Author
Amir Rosenbaum/Spectre Performance
Fireball Tim-Hollywood's Secret Weapon for Design
Ryan Friedlinghaus/WCC-Owner
Kevin Heronimus-Line-X, CEO
Mike Pennington/Meguiar's-Direc
tor of Training and Consumer Relations Mark Breiner/Kids Wish Network-Dream Giveaways
Jason Engle/Classic Recreations
Jean Paul Libert/Go Green! Rally-Driver
Stacey David/Gearz TV, SPEED TV
Nate Shelton/Hurst Performance-Performance Vehicles Chairman
Steve Joiner/E3 Sparkplugs, VP of Marketing & Sales
Ray Yager/Classic Industries-Yenko Mktng. Director
RJ DeVera/Wraptivo-Automotive Stylist and Spokesperson
Tom Cotter/Author
Paul Banks/Cherry Bomb, Owner
Greg Hathcock/Vogue Tyre, President
Dennis DeLeonard/Truck Accessories Group, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development
Ed Newman/Amsoil-Director of Advertising
Cam Benty/Flowmaster-VP of Marketing
David Newhardt/Author
Alan Peltier/HRE Wheels-President
Jeff Kelderman/Kelderman Suspension
HollyWood Tim Lawrence TV and Movie Car builder
Eddie Paul legendary Hollwood TV and Movie builder/Inventor
2010 LA Auto Show Guests
John Schwegman/Buick-VP of Mktg.
Doug Speck VP Volvo
Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO, Mopar
Martin Birkmann/BMW Director of product Planning and Tom P. Director of Communications
Derek Jenkins Design Director/Mazda
Filip Brabec/Audi
Steve Younin & Jeff Holland/Suzuki
Dave Nordstrom/Lexus
Jesse Toprak/True Car VP
Ricardo Reyes/Tesla-VP of Communications
Clay Dean/Cadillac-Director of Design
Orth Hedrick/Kia
Mike Manley CEO Jeep
Greg Clark/ Director Mercedes-AMG
David Pryor/Porsche
Jim O' Sullivan/ Precident CEO Mazda
Arwed Niestroj/Mercedes
Jost Capito/Ford-Roush Racing, Focus
Jeff Eggen/Ford-Focus Rally
Dave Perosak/Ford-Mustang Boss
Chris Perry/Chevrolet
Olivier Francois/Chrysler
Roberto Giolito/Fiat-Head of Design
Jake Fisher/Consumer Reports
Robert Davis/Mazda
Brendan Flynn/LA Auto Show
Lennart Stegland/Volvo
Michael McQuary/WEEGO Electric Vehicles-CEO
Lou Anne Hammond, CEO Carlist.com
Ken Zvokel, AutoGeek.com
Joe Kennedy VP Marketing, Saturn
Doug Shummarker 1999 Olds Alero Brand Manager
Jim Rodgers "The Millenium Rider"
Russ Wortz Distribution Mgr., Earl Scheib
Don Parkinson Brand Mgr., 2000 Chevy Impala
West Peterson Editor/Publisher, Car Collector Magazine
Sam Mancuso Brand Mgr., 1999 Pontiac Sunfire
Chris Goodrich Author, "Roadster"
Jack Keebler Detroit Editor, Motor Trend Pat Hurley Marketing Director, On Star
Jim Olsen VP, Novas Windshield Repair
Ed Zellner Chief Engineer, Cadillac DeVille 2000
Terry Miller Editor, Car Stereo Review
Paul Eisenstat Auto Editor, The Detroit Report
Donald Johnson VP, Pennzoil
Fred Gallash Asst. Brand Mgr., 1999 Chevrolet Corvette
Bob Akin Legendary World Champion Racer
Bill Tucker VP Marketing, Daewoo
Dean Kruse President, Kruse Intl.
Ken Stewart Brand Mgr., 1998 Olds Intrigue
Jim Hill Brake Expert, ITT
Michael Andretti Race Car Driver
Michael Jordan Automobile Magazine
Hagen Stewart Curator, Imperial Palace Auto Collection
Barry Meguiar CEO, Meguiar Car Care Products
Jim Savas Publisher, Hot Rod
Dave Doll President, NARSA - Cooling System Expert
Allison Bates Marketing Director, Kimberly-Clark
John Paul AAA Repair Expert
Marc Rauch VP, The Auto Channel
Bill Gordon Ford Motor Company
Jeff Barlett Feature Editor, Motor Trend
Roger Werner CEO, Speedvision
Ken Stewart Brand Mgr., 1998 Olds Intrigue
Phil Hill Legendary Race Car Driver
Bob Carlson Director of P.R., Porsche
Dave Hill Chief Engineer, 1997 CS Corvette
Van Tune Editor-in-Chief, Motor Trend
Mike Erone Director of Sales, Enkei Wheels
Bob Nagy Editor, Motor Trend
Victor Kiam CEO, Remington & Travel Smart
Rik Paul Sr. Feature Editor, Motor Trend
Frank Marcus Technical Editor, Car & Driver
Richard Jones CEO, Spare Tank
Mark Hitchins Director of Comm., Pontiac Firebird/TransAm
Tim Nyberg "The Duct Tape Guy"
Bill Maloney Producer, "Wild About Wheels" TV
Fred Schwaub Pres./CEO Porsche Cars - N.America
Matt Stone Sr. Editor - Motor Trend
David E. Davis Jr. Founder - Automobile Magazine
Dennis Adler Editor-in-Chief - car Collector
Sue Elliot-Sink Product Specialist - SEMA
Bob Cerulo AMI's Autoworld Weekly
Rob Ida Pres. - IDA Automotive
Bob Hall Host - "All About Cars"
Phil Skinner Auction/Collector car expert
Scott Sensing Route 66 Drive for MS Challenge
Matt Davis Assoc. Ed. - AMI's AutoWorld Weekly
Rick Crossland Mktng.Mgr. - Ford Taurus
Dan Stark Mktng.Dir. - Boyd Gaming
Tom Suman Asst. Brand Mgr. - Chevrolet Tracker
Ed./Pub. - British Car Magazine
Jim Dietzler Assoc. Editor - Hemmings Motor News
Paul Stanecki Mgr. - Ford Racing
Mike Ansen Mgr. Product PR - Hyundai
Denise McCluggage Auto Journalist/Author
Deb Michael Asst. Brand Mgr. - Chevrolet Avalanche
Michael O'Driscoll President - Jaguar
Candia Romenelli Dir. - NY Intl. Auto Show
Dutch Mandel Editor/Assoc.Pub. - AutoWeek
Terry Erich Publisher - Hemmings Motor News
Mike Parris Author - "Fords of the '50's"
Bruce Knox Auction expert
Peter Swiriduk Pres. - Sweet Chariots Prod.
Heidi Van Arnam CEO - ican.com
Michael McCale Communication Mgr. - Mini USA
Tony Pickerello Vehicle Line Mgr. - Mercury
Tom McCrae Founder - The Great Race
Lenny Sims VP/GM - NADA Guides on Used Car Values
Carl Hillenbrand Asst. Brand Mgr. - Chevy Avalanche
Cortney Neville Spokesperson - Progressive Insurance
Dick Messer Director - Peterson Auto Museum
Peter Cameron President - Special Vehicle Concepts
C. Van Tune Editor-in-Chief - Motor Trend
Dave Millman Calif. Car Cover Company
Andy Cohen Founder - Concour on Rodeo
David Leisure Actor - "Joe Isuzu"
Billy F. Gibbons ZZ Top - car enthusiast
Ron Martinez Owner - 800 hp twin-engine hot rod
Matt Swanston Spokesperson - CEA
Lou Bitoni Sr. Manager - Daimler Chrysler
Tony Gott CEO Rolls Royce /Bentley Worldwide
Tom Gale VP Daimler Chrysler
Edsel Ford II great grandson of Henry Ford
Pierre Gagnon COO Mitsubishi
Massimo Petonciano VP Maserati N/A
Bryan Bergsteinsson GM Lexus N/A
Jim Holden former President Daimler Chrysler
Alasdair Stewart President Rolls Royce/Bentley N/A
Alexander Borla CEO Borla
David Adams CEO Paxton Automotive
Denise Halicki Executive Producer "Gone in 60 Seconds"
John Colletti Ford SVO engineering manager
Nate Sheldon President K&N
Simon Spaul VP Jaguar PR
Chad McQueen Son Of actor Steve McQueen
Bruce Wennerstrom, Co-founder Greenwich Concours delegacy Jim Herget Brand Mgr., Uniroyal Nailguard
Bill Warner Photographer/Editor, Road and Track
Pete Stout Editor-in-Chief, "Excellence" (Porsche mag)
McKeel Haggerty President, Haggerty Classic Car Insurance
"Corvette" Mike Vietro Corvette Dealer/Expert
Paul LeMat Star, "American Graffiti"
Mike Bailey Enkei Wheels
Dr. Will Miller Car Psychologist
Lisa Leeman Bumper Sticker Expert/Filmmaker
Don Nosek Editor-in-Chief, Max Speed
Lee Melody President, Motor Vac Technologies
Boyd Coddington Hot Rod Legend
Jason Grinstead Product Mgr., My Parts Shop
John Davis Host, Motorweek TV Show
Mac Demere Sr. Road Test Editor, Motor Trend
William Jeanes Publisher, Classic Automobile Register
Carol Shelby Racing Legend - Father of the Cobra
Csaba Csere Editor-in-Chief, Car and Driver
Lynn St. James Auto Racer, Ford Consultant
Dave Brownell Editor, Hemmings Motor News
Steve Saleen CEO, Saleen Mustangs, Race Car Driver
Richard Homan Exec. Editor, Road and Track
Don Williams Pres., World Class Auto
Ray Pammerine Tucker Automobile Club
Mike Michaels Lexus Automobiles
Brock Yates Founder, The Cannonball Run
Mike DeLorenzo Editor-in-Chief, Autoweek
Don Rager CEO, Shelby America
Dr, Chris Jacobs The Ultra Team - Hi Performance Products
Kathleen Hamilton Director of Communications, Ford
Mike Quick President, Coastal High Performance
Murray Livingstone Smith Auto Collector/Racer/Historian
Jay Leno Host, NBC's The Tonight Show
Dennis Lassiter Director of Sales, Jaguar North America
Kathy Bybee Hartzell Director, American Automotive Heritage Foundation
Frank Bohannon CEMA
Kenny Kertzner President, Budget Rant-a-Car, Beverly Hills
Van Hilber Director of Vehicle Safety, AAMA
Mike Kelley GM, Kelley Blue Book
James Shefter Author, "All Corvettes Are Red"
Prof. Ron Bell Saddleback College Auto Technology Dept.
Dan Phillips Publisher, The Robb Report
Wendell Stroube President, National Corvette Museum
Richard Wallace Author, "An Educated Guide to Speeding Tickets"
Gordon Hard Head Auto Writer, Consumer Reports
Dr. Gianluigi Buitoni CEO, Ferrari North America
Ken Murphy President, Kendrick Products
Scotty Kilmer, Host, "Crank It Up" - CBS-TV, Houston
Doug Clark, Audi of North America
Janet Guthrie, Race Car Driver - First Woman at Indy
Jeff Bartlet, Associate Editor, Motor Trend
Junior Damato, Syndicated Columnist, Repair Expert
Jay Kim President, Tornado Air Mgmt.
Jim Smart Editor, Mustangs and Fords
Jeanne Lindamood, Deputy Editor, Automobile
Ken Gross, Auto Journalist, Director
Corky Coker, President, Coker Tire Co., Auto Historian
Lucille Treganowan Author, "America's Most Trusted Mechanic"
Sam Butto Lexus/Toyota
Tony Fouladpoor VW & Audi
Jim Weidler Oil Expert, Quaker State
Sean Brown COO, Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories
Mark Eskeldson Author, "What Car Dealers Don't Want You to Know"
Bonnie Cunningham Senior Designer, Ford
Ray Battaglini President, Corvette Museum, Kentucky
Alice Ridpath Race Car Driver, Car Buying for Women
Jim Defrank CEO, Calif. Car Cover Company
Bob Licktey Director, Canton Car Museum
Sam Matani Associate Editor, Road and Track
Bob Toth Tire Expert, Goodyear
Irv David Owner, Prestige Imports
Mike Yager CEO, Mid-America Corfvette Designs
Mark Steenolsen Battery Expert, Battery Assn. of America
Craig Jackson Pres., Barrett-Jackson Auction Co.
Dan Fitzgerald President, Fitzgerald Motor Sports
Pete Ellis President, Auto-by-Tel
J.P. McBride Chrysler Engineer - Autostick Transmission
Charles Daniel Ross National Editor, Car and Driver
Rick Cole Collector Car Expert, Bilstein Engine Flush
Charlie Vogelheim Editor, Kelley Blue Book
Chuck Schifsky Editor, Car Craft
Mal Dollombe IUS International
Piero Rivolta Legendary Italian Car Designer
Patrick Xuerb CEO, Race, Inc.
David Faulst Asst. Editor, Motor Trend
Bob Higgins Brand Manager, 2000 Buick LeSabre
Dee Hall Director of Sales, Express Systems
Nancy Hazard Asst. Director, NESA
Bob Taylor Director of Sales, Auragen Systems
John Clore Editor, Autoweek
Jim Campbell Brand Mgr., 1999 Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro
Gary Ridge CEO, WD-40 Company
Mike Bailey Director of Sales, Enkei Wheels
Dee Butterfield "Homecoming Director", Saturn
Gary Sowerby Guinness Record Holder - Global Navigation by car
J. Mays VP Design Ford
Bill Donnely President Aston Martin
Edward Hermmann Actor/Car Collector/Dodge Spokesman
Bruce Vale CEO Qvale Automotive Group
Robert Ross, Editor The Robb Report Connection/Curtco Robb Media
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