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"Bob is truly at the top of his game - a consummate pro. Having worked with him for a number of years now, I can say that his knowledge of the automotive realm is encyclopedic, he makes every guest shine and he is a true gentleman both on and off the air. "

Dan Kahn , President , Kahn Media

"Bob is an amazing radio man. Going beyond the voice (which is as rich as it was the day we met nearly 15 years ago), Bob's ability to derive what is something his listeners care about while still respecting the PR message, is uncanny. His knowledge base, which far exceeds automotive, is what sets him apart. The man could give you an hour on any topic, and it will never sound rehearsed. My first call with a radio pitch is always to Bob. "

Lee Morrell , Senior Manager, Media Relations/Public Relations , TrueCar.com

"Bob is an insightful and through interviewer and On air personality Bob has a gift of bringing out information and puting people at ease while asking the hard questions. "

Tom Wicks , Product Engineer Manager , Gold Eagle

"I was impressed with your radio show. It was enjoyable talking to you.

Your professionalism and knowledge of the auto industry puts you and your show at the top. Keep up the fantastic work. I look forward to chatting with you in the future."

See you at the shows! "

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach
"Be Car Care Aware"
Car Care Council

"I thought I might be making a mistake, doing an interview on Super Bowl Sunday. Would anyone be listening? But they were. We all know Bob Long's reputation as a broadcast journalist and his car-guy enthusiasm, but don't overlook his audience -- it's large and strong and loyal. Despite the distractions, they were out there listening, and not just listening, they were calling and emailing in with excellent questions and comments." "

Larry Edsall, author and editor (iZoom.com)

"There are about 40 car talk shows in the nation (local and national)...I have done most of them and gotten to know most of the hosts. I can say without hesitation there isn't anyone in Bob Long's class. He is so professional, so prepared and well spoken. Plus he has the greatest voice in radio."

-Barry Meguiar, President Meguiars

"Bob is who I consider to be one of the consummate radio professionals.
He brings wit, wisdom and style to his broadcasts and is quite simply a pleasure to work with on a professional level and as simply a friend."

-Paul Eisenstein, Publisher www.thedetroitbureau.com & Freelance Auto Journalist

"Bob Long is the consummate radio professional; poised, enthusiastic, topical and quick-on-the-draw; he entertains by letting his guests do the talking. Bob is very knowledgeable and fun to work with -- and he's always a question ahead, with that wonderful, deep, voice that gets your attention...and holds it."

-Ken Gross, Noted Auto Journalist & Commentator

"Car guys tend to be car guys but Bob is more than this, he is an educated media journalist who has the talent to make interviews flow, is always prepared and has a deep seated desire to bring the news to his audience. In the whole of automotive media I do not know anyone who works as hard as he does. I am a big fan of Bob Long."

-Dick Messer, Director, Petersen Automobile Museum

We're pleased to have Bob Long contribute his News Desk installments to
Motor Trend Radio. Bob is highly professional, easy to listen to and great to work with. His other radio shows are entertaining and informative, and we enjoy having Bob on the Motor Trend team.

-Matt Stone, Executiver Editor, Motor Trend, Editor at Large Motor Trend, Editor Motor Trend Classiv

Bob's a car nut like me. Our paths cross where fiberglass meets Detroit horsepower at the intersection of Corvette Boulevard and Stingray Alley. Just mention Corvettes around him and that deep baritone voice starts to quiver. To Bob Long you're the Best! Love your Show!

-Corvette Mike Vietro

Bob is a real pro. He asks insightful questions, knows all the right people, and knows his cars. His show is one that, if you care about the latest cars, trucks or sport utility vehicles - I mean really care -you cannot miss.

-Dutch Mandel, Editor & Associate Publisher AutoWeek Magazine

"I make guest appearances on over 300 radio and TV shows each year, so
I get a lot of first-hand experience of who really knows what about cars.
And, Bob Long knows cars. A lifelong car nut, Bob brings real enthusiasm to his show and packages it in a fact-filled, fun-to-listen-to format that delivers colorful personalities and downright tough trivia questions. In fact, Bob does such a good job he's also a regular contributor to our own nationally-syndicated Motor Trend
Radio shows. I don't know how I could give him any more of a vote of confidence than that!"

-C. Van Tune, Former Editor-in-Chief, 1994-2002 Motor Trend/MTTV/MT Radio

" Even after two years of being a "regular guest" on AutoWorld Radio, I am still amazed at how easy and fun Bob makes the interview experience - for both me, my occasional "special guest," and the listening audience. Although he professes NOT to be a classic car expert, you would never know it as his questions and comments about collector vehicles are always timely & right on the money! "

-Jill Bookman, VP, American Collectors Insurance

"Bob is one of the hardest working guys covering the automotive world on radio. He always seems to be present at the important introductions and events and he has the background and knowledge to probe beyond the superficial facts that satisfy most other broadcast journalists. I enjoy his show very much."

-Csaba Csere, Former Editor-in-chief, Car and Driver magazine

"When you're on the air with Bob you feel like the whole world is listening in. He's so enthusiastic about cars and car people and sets up such great interviews that you have to believe anyone with a passion for cars is listening to this show. He's one of those rare radio personalities that make you feel right at home as soon as the ON AIR sign lights up."

-Dennis Adler, Editor-in-Chief, Car Collector Magazine